SysTools EML Viewer

FREE EML Viewer Tool Open & Read EML Email Messages Along-with Attachments

  • Standalone EML Viewer tool to Open & View .eml files
  • No Mail Client Installation Required to Use EML File Viewer FREEWARE
  • Windows Explorer Style Interface to Auto Locate & Load Emails
  • Flexible Preview Modes - Switch to Vertical or Horizontal View Mode
  • Allows Preview of All Attachments from EML files with its in-built Viewer

Key Features of EML Viewer Software

read EML files

View & Read EML File

Get an instant view of the EML files with proper formatting of emails. You can read an email message with its top properties like To, From, Subject, Received Date and Size.

open and view attachments

Preview Emails with Attachments

EML Viewer software generates an attachments preview in its in-built viewer for corresponding mail. You can View EML files with attachments like: .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt, image files and other file types.

open EML files header

View Header of EML File

EML files represent an individual email that is a flexible message storage format supported by a number of desktop operated email platforms. This tool is capable of reading these messages in the form of EML format files.

auto load eml mails

Auto Load EML Files

Once you select the folder having .eml files; software will process and automatically load them all. EML Opener will also show you the total count of all eml mails within a folder.

Gmail EML viewer

Open EML File - Gmail

Gmail message headers can be saved as text files and further accessed as the complete message they are representing with this program. The header file in text format when renamed as .eml becomes the corresponding message, readable on the Gmail EML Viewer tool.

Hotmail EML Viewer

Open EML File - Hotmail

EML files that are created by renaming can be read using this application. Hotmail message header when saved generates a text file. This file when further renamed as '.eml' file becomes readable as the whole message on the Hotmail EML Viewer software.

change view mode of screen

View & Read Noname.eml

The program supports emails sent received as attachments in noname.eml format. Such attachments when received on a web based email service are usually not accessible. With this application, you can ensure reading 'noname.eml' format attachments too.

a window explorer UI

View Google Apps EML File

Accessing the internet header of any email exchanged over Google Apps email service is extractable as a text format file. It is possible to read complete Google Apps EML File as an email through the application.

change view mode of screen

Flexible Preview Modes

By default; software generates the view of emails and attachments in horizontal mode but it is possible to switch the view mode of software interface to Vertical.

a window explorer UI

Window Explorer Style Interface

As you run the eml viewer software, you will get a user friendly interface similar to Windows Explorer. Easily navigate to the folder having all the .eml files and view them.

EML File Viewer Screenshots

EML Viewer Tool
Step 1: Launch EML Viewer
View EML Message
Step 2: View EML File
search mails
Step 3: View Mode
preview searched mails
Step 4: Multiple Views of EML Emails

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Download FREE EML File Viewer

EML Viewer box

Size: 12.3 MB Version: 3.0

Free Version Limitations

Free version of EML Viewer show only the preview EML Files

Download EML Viewer Freeware

Installation Uninstallation EULA

Upgrade to EML Viewer Pro for Advance Search & Export EML as PDF Document Option.

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 15 MB of free hard disk space

Frequently Asked Question

What is EML file? Which e-mail clients do support it?

EML is a file extension of a single mail stored in Outlook Express and used to forward mails to other mails. The e-mail clients which support EML files are Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Entourage, Apple Mail, IncrediMail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Read More

Do I require any mail client installation such as Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail to use Free Email viewer?

No, EML Viewer is a stand-alone tool and do not require any application like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail etc. to open EML files. For viewing other emails type we have a professional Email Exporter Software which can view or export any email data.

Is this EML Viewer completely FREE or I will be charged later?

Yes, EML Reader is completely FREE to use and will work for life-time. If you want more features like Advance Search & Export EML file to file type of Adobe PDF documents, then you can Upgrade to EML Viewer PRO.

Is there any limitation on number of files or EML file size that tool can process?

No, FREE EML file viewer has no such limitations. You can view any number of .eml files and EML email file of any file size can be previewed.

Can I save attachments from a EML message?

No, FREE Email Reader does not allow saving of attachments. You can only preview attachments inside the tool using in-built attachment viewer. You can avail this feature by upgrading to EML Viewer PRO

Can I use this FREE EML Viewer for Commercial use?

No, FREEWARE tool is designed only for Personal use. If you want to use it for commercial need, then kindly contact to our support team.

What Clients Say
Upgrade to SysTools EML Viewer Pro – Why?
view eml file
View EML File in Multiple Styles

The upgraded version of EML Reader allows you to open & View .eml files in multiple styles like: Normal view, Hex view, property view, Message header view, MIME view, HTML view, RTF view etc. Along with mails, you can also preview the more

advance search
Advance Search with EML File

Email Viewer Pro, allows you to read & search for mails within EML files as well the attachments using any specific term. It is possible to add multiple keywords and search for email messages or attachments. Also, you can add different criteria and conditions (AND / OR) to filter the EML file search results.

Export EML File in PDF Format

Besides reading the EML files, the pro version can also export EML files as PDF. It will create single PDF file for each mail message and embed the attachments within converted PDF file.

export selective eml files
Export Selective EML Files

It is possible for the users to export some selective emails as PDF file format instead of converting all of them in batch. You can check the emails that you want to export and save it into PDF file format.

maintain disk structure
Maintain On-Disk Folder Structure

The Email Viewer Pro software will maintain original on disk folder structure of EML file. The software will keep hierarchy of folders unchanged and save the EML files by creating its root folder.

naming convention
Choose File Naming Convention

While saving or exporting EML files, you need to select an appropriate naming option for it. It is possible to save the file by the email subject, DD-MM-YY or DD-MM-YYYY or in Auto incremental order more

Upgrade to PRO Edition
Upgrade to EML Viewer Pro for Advance Search Option and Export as PDF

Features FREE Version PRO Version
Add EML Files
Auto Scan Mode
Preview EML Files
View Emails with Attachments
Windows 10, 8 & Previous Windows Version Supported
Advance Search Options
Naming Options
Save & Export to PDF Document
Cost FREE $69