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SysTools Google Apps (G Suite) Backup Tool

Being Google Apps (G Suite) admin taking the backup is your primary responsibility. What if data get deleted or encrypted by the malicious user, Google does not provide any backup option to the user to restore data back. In this case SysTools Google Apps Email (G Suite) Backup Tool is the best option that gives you support to:

  • Backup & Download G Suite for Business / Work Emails, Contacts, Calendars & Documents
  • Archive Both Single G Suite User & Domain User Account Data
  • Export G Suite Google Drive account data to local Server / Computer
  • No File Size Limitation to backup G Suite account : Tested with 2 TB data
    Google Apps Backup Mailbox tool allows to export G Suite emails to PST / EML / MBOX / MSG i.e. supported on various email clients like Microsoft , Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc. Software allows to backup g suite data and save on Local PC / Laptop / Hard drive etc. Supports Google Apps Business Email Backup for both Home and Work account & G Suite for Education Backup.
  • Admin can copy / export All or Selected Domain User mailboxes in single click
  • Save Contacts as vCard, Calendars as .ics & Documents in original formats
  • Download Specific Folder from Google Apps user mailbox to PC/ hard drive/ SD card
  • Smooth Internet Connection is required for Quick Archival of G Suite Mailbox items

SysTools Backup Google Apps for Business Tool is helpful to export Gsuite emails, contacts, calendars & docs. It could feasibly download g suite emails to PST, MSG & EML format.


SysTools G Suite Backup Tool is the most efficient and trustworthy software on CNET to export Google Apps mail to PST / EML / MBOX / MSG format on Windows OS.

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Google Apps email backup tool is the most searched utility on SoftwareSuggest and is one of the best software to backup multiple G Suite user account data locally.


Softpedia marks this backup utility as the best among all the tools which lets the users to move from Google Apps data to PST and other formats.

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Key Features of SysTools G Suite Backup Software

Archive Google Apps Emails to Secure Organization from Critical Data Loss

Complete Google Apps email Backup

Save Complete Google Apps Data

Google Apps Backup utility allows you to download and copy all the items of your G Suite account like: emails, contacts, calendars and documents on your local machine/ computer/ desktop. These items are exported in their respective and most commonly used file formats like .eml, .pst, .vcf, .ics etc. All the formatting and associated meta properties like: To, From, Cc, Bcc, email address, house address, groups, calendar recurrences, meeting alerts, etc remain intact.

Note: The rebranding of G Suite from Google Apps doesn't effect on the backup software. It will work as same & also our technical support service will remain consistent. Moreover we assure you that your data or credentials limited to you only. It will not get saved in any of our server.

download in 4 formats

Export G Suite Email in 4 Formats

Using G Suite Email Backup Software, you can save/download Google Apps mail messages along with attachments in 4 different formats:

  • EML: Importable in Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, etc.
  • PST: Allows to access G Suite emails from 32 bit or 64 bit version
  • : Transferrable to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora etc.
  • MSG: Convert emails in MSG format & easily export individual Google Apps Email to .

If you open downloaded/archived up message via any of the supported email client; it will show all the options like Reply, Reply All, Forward etc.

contacts and calendars archive

Backup Google Apps Contacts & Calendars

Besides emails with attachments, you can also export all Google Apps/ G Suite for Business/ Education/ Non Profit account Contacts and Calendars using Google Apps backup software. The archive is taken into widely used formats like vCard (.vcf) and .ics.

vCard: Supported by multiple applications like MS Outlook Backup, Smart phones, iPhone etc.

ICS: Supported by various applications to save the calendars to desktop/ USB drive.

save google apps docs

Download & Save All Google Docs

You can archive the last edited or latest revision of Google Apps documents like: spreadsheets, documents, presentations, drawing etc. into MS office compatible file formats. It will export/ copy Spreadsheets as .xls file, documents as .doc, presentations as .ppt, drawings as .jpeg etc. The best Google Apps Backup tool ensures to maintain the original formatting of each file and its content.

single or multiple users export

Export Single or Domain Accounts

G Suite Backup solution provides you two different methods to download data locally:

  • Single User Account Archive: In this case, you need to provide the user name & password of an individual user mailbox to export Google Apps mailbox to hard drive/ PC/ laptop.
  • Domain User Backup: You only need to provide Admin credentials to download multiple/ bulk user accounts of a single domain of G Suite.

copy emails

Backup G Suite Email with Time Interval

While archiving G Suite emails, you can set a date range to save the data. This will allow you to move/copy data ranging between a specific time interval. You need to provide a specific date range of "From" to "To" and software will download all the emails that reside in that particular time interval. By using this feature, users can selectively archive emails from Google Apps to PST, EML, MSG & format.

Note: This feature of Google Apps Backup program is only applicable for saving emails from cloud to desktop/flash drive.

archive data from cloud

Archive & Delete Data from Cloud

If your Cloud data storage limit has been reached and you want to empty that space by backing up the complete data then "delete after download" is an important feature for you. You can check this feature to backup and delete your Google Apps/ G Suite account data files from server simultaneously.

Note: This option is only available with email backup.

include specific folders

Include Specific Folders

The Google Apps for Work Backup application features multiple options for filtering out email data contents from Google Apps during its archive/ export. One can define email folders names in comma-separated value (ex: Inbox, Outbox, Custom Folder) for selective folder backup from G Suite account.

progress report of google apps backup

Show Download Progress Report

Once you proceed to save data of Paid Google account (Google Apps) after configuring backup options; software shows complete progress status with fields like: User Name, email count, calendar count, contact count, document count and status. From this summary report; you can easily track the progress and speed of G Suite data download.

pause & resume

Pause & Resume the Archive Process

For taking the GApps backup, you need to have smooth internet connection. Now, if due to any reason the internet connection got interrupted or you need to leave the archive process then "Pause" & "Resume" option of G Suite backup solution can help you. Change the mode to Pause or it will automatically get into Pause mode; once internet connection drops off.

maintain folder structure

Keep Folder Structure Intact

Google Apps Backup tool will maintain the original folder structure as before even after downloading the data. For instance, if you export messages (with attachments) from a single user account then software program will create a separate folder for each label. The folders and labels (Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, John, Michelle etc.) when created in output file; saves emails respectively.

Steps to Export G Suite Account Data (Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Docs)

Pictorial Representation Of Google Apps Backup Emails Utility

Google Apps Backup software
Step 1: Run Google Apps Backup tool
add account detail
Step 2: Select “Single User” or “Multiple User” as backup type
configure options
Step 3: Export Google Apps Emails to PST, MSG & EML
download g suite mailbox data
Step 4: Choose Category and Click on 'Start' button to backup.

Video to Export Google Apps Mailbox to PST, EML or MSG Files

Taped Representation to Backup Google Apps Single / Multiple User Email Account

Backup Google Apps Emails (Single User)

Backup Google Apps Emails (Domain User)

Download G Suite Backup Tool

google apps backup tool box

Size: 14.5 MB Version: 3.1

Trial Limitations

Free version of Google Apps (G Suite) Backup application will export / archive only 100 emails and 25 other items (contacts, calendars & documents) of Google Apps for Work, Education, Business, etc..

Download G Suite Data Backup Software

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

  • Operating System: Windows 10 & below versions
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (x86, x64) or equivalent
  • Memory or RAM: Minimum 1 GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk spac

  • Spec is necessary to perform Google Apps Backup into PST
  • .NET framework: Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above version installation is required.

Frequently Asked Question

I want to know how this G Suite email backup tool works? Can I get a brief overview of it?

The following are the steps for taking G Suite Backup using this software:

  • Download and Install Google Apps backup utility
  • Select 'Single User' or 'Domain Users' for exporting one or multiple mailboxes respectively
  • Select the desired file format (PST, EML, MSG)
  • And choose the desired items (emails
    The Google Apps backup tool allows the users to backup G suite emails in PST / EML / MBOX / MSG without any trouble.
    , contacts
    Google apps local backup software allows to export contacts in vCard format and add it to , Mobile contacts, etc.
    , calendars & documents
    G Suite account backup software export Google drive documents securely in original file format. It also lets to backup calendar data in .ics format from Google Apps user account.
    ) which you want to backup
  • Apply the desired filters to perform selectively archive emails from G Suite to PST
  • Choose the desired destination location where you want to save the exported the data
  • Click on Start to begin downloading data

Where are the Admin credentials saved, which we entered on logging page of Google Apps email backup product?

"I am an admin who monitors account of 20 employees and due to some reasons, I want to create archive of all these users data with this software. However, I am in a worry that if I share my confidential credentials with you then, I might face security risk because am revealing credentials with third party tool. Therefore, I want to know the location where admin data is stored by SysTools G Suite Backup solution."

There is no such location where we save credentials of an Admin or a Single user account. We perform backup procedure in a very secured manner and ensure that the credentials or data is limited to its user only.

After I archive Google Apps account and export G Suite users locally. Will I be able to access their mailbox data on any of the desktop based email clients?

"Previously I have downloaded Google Apps emails using this SysTools G Suite mailbox archiving application. Now I wish to access Google Apps data in Mozilla Thunderbird email application. Is it possible using this Google Apps backup tool?"

Yes, you can access the archived/ exported G Suite data on Mozilla Thunderbird after you backup your Google Apps emails to local server as files using G Suite backup emails software. Apart from file format, you can download the mailbox items to PST, EML and MSG file formats. Therefore, this allows the users to access the backed up data on email clients like MS , Entourage, The Bat, Eudora, Windows Live Mail (WLM), Apple/ Mac Mail, etc.

Does the application save/copy my G Suite mailbox data?

"I recently noticed in my Google Apps for Business account dashboard name has been changed as G Suite for Business, so does it affect the backup anyway?"

No, the software for Google apps business email backup Tool doesn't get affected by the Rebranding of Google Apps to G Suite. It will take archive in same manner, as it was doing previously.

Is Microsoft Outlook installation required for downloading Google Apps emails to PST file format?

Yes, installation is required on machine for taking backup of emails in PST file format. should be installed and configured properly with a POP3 or dummy profile. After the downloading proces, you can access Google Apps email from using PST files.

Will this utility work on Windows 10 to export G Suite emails

"I recently replaced my Windows XP system with a laptop having Windows 10 OS. Will the product work on it?"

Yes, our G Suite backup application will work smoothly on Windows 10 and all below versions without any trouble.

I have a G Suite for Education account. Can I run this tool on my Apple Mac Operating System?

No, you cannot use a Mac OS to run Google Apps Backup product as it is a Windows based solution. So for exporting any G Suite account you need to run this software on a Windows based system.

Can I export my Google Apps Contacts in vCard file format?

"I have some important contacts stored in my Google Apps for Non Profit account. I want to take backup of all of them too. Will utility help me out?"

Yes, you can export contacts from your G Suite mailbox in vCard format using this tool. Other than that, you can also backup messages with attachments, calendars and documents from Google Apps account. Emails, contacts, calendars will be saved in PST/ EML/ MSG/ ICS file formats respectively. While documents will be downloaded in their native format.

Can I save complete Google Apps domain accounts simultaneously?

"I belong to an enterprise where there are 50+ user mailboxes and I want to take backup of all those accounts using your Google Apps backup solution. Should I enter credentials one by one per user or is there any other way by which all users' credentials can be entered at once."

Yes, you can archive of multiple user accounts at one go. If you are an admin then you just need to fill admin credential only, & you would be able to save the Google Apps data of each user in your machine.

In which format Google Drive's documents will be exported?

Documents from your Google Apps account will be backed up in their native format of latest revision or in last edited edition. Also try Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Software.

How much time will the program take to backup an account?

"Size of my G Suite mailbox data is 13 GB; I want to archive all files stored in it. How much time will Google Apps Backup tool take to complete the process."

Total time taken by the product to download files depends on your internet connection speed and size of account data. Internet speed must be good enough for taking backup of large amount of data in shorter duration.

Can I export my Google Apps emails into file format?

Yes, you can archive all emails in format as well as in PST & EML file formats. The G Suite data will be made available in local folders and you can access Google Apps offline or access Google Apps email from using PST files.

What is the option "Delete After Download" meant for?

To delete emails from Google Apps account once they are saved to your local server/ PC/ SD card/ laptop; you can use this 'Delete After Download' option. 
NOTE: Be sure before using this option as it will delete the downloaded emails permanently from the Google Server.

Get an Overview of G Suite Backup Features - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Single User archive
Import From CSV & Server User A/C details
Get of Google Apps Email, Contacts, Calendars
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Add Time Interval
Save Documents, Contacts for VCard & Calendars for ICS format Downloads First 25 Items All Items
Backup Google Apps to PST, Save in MSG & EML Formats Backup First 100 Emails All Items
Cost FREE $19

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What Clients Say

Earlier I was using Vault licenses for an additional $5 per user, per month to backup Google Apps for Education account data i.e Email, Contacts, Calendar, Google Drive documents. It was quite costly for us to pay extra money every month. Next, I heard about this SysTools Google Apps Backup tool and found this software a great utility to export all G Suite for Education data in my local PC. I have to pay only once.

Angelina, Oklahoma

I used this G Suite backup User data tool to take the archive Google Apps emails to PST format. The task that was considered as one of the toughest one with threat of data loss was completed without any trouble as I got the Google Apps email backup solution to help me. I must say this software is one of the best applications to export Google Apps account data. It also lets us backup email google apps for business & access data on local PC / Hard drive.

Patric Samuel, Vatican

I was looking for ways to export G Suite mailbox data to my local drive. With this Google Apps backup tool I was able to perform quick & easy transfer of data from my account to my computer. The application is very user friendly and even the support team is very helpful & quick in solving the issues.

Monica, Melbourne

I am very much impressed with the products provided by SysTools. And I must say that this Google Apps backup solution is another gem developed by the company. The task of exporting / saving data from G Suite Mail (cloud) has been made easier by this utility. Kudos to the development team for developing such a tool to backup google apps for business data. You’re the best.

Ronny, Berlin

Making a backup from G Suite account is not so easy. But with the help of this application we can obtain entire G Suite backup very smoothly. Thanks to the entire Support team who helped me a lot and resolved entire queries and problems to backup google g suite emails and other items using Google Apps Backup software.

Smith, Sydney

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