Free Outlook PST File Converter For PDF

This article discusses the two different ways of converting emails of MS Outlook PST file to Adobe PDF document. These methods describe PST message conversion to PDF with and without attachments absolutely free. The process is tried and proven safe and helpful.

Method 1) PST Message to Word to PDF

Open MS Outlook and click on PST file message to be converted into PDF.

Offline Folder File Settings

Go to File menu >> Save as

Enter a name for the file in "Filename" box and in "Save Type as", select MHT file

Select the destination location where you wish to save the PST file email (say desktop)

Open the MHT file with MS Word application

In Word, click on the Office button>> Save as>> Find add-ins for other file formats

A Word help window will pop up. In the option "Install and use the Publish as PDF or XPS add-in from Microsoft", click on the link "Microsoft Save as"

Click on "Download"

Select the option "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats" and click 'Next'

Click on "Save File" and accept license to install the add-in in your system.

Once installation is complete, open the word file where the message is saved. Again click on Office button » Save as » PDF or XPS

You can save this PDF file at desired location in system with convenient filename.

Method 2) Install Free Virtual Printers

Applications that have print function, for example Outlook can utilize the facility of virtual printers. The quality of these printers is that instead of producing print out on paper, they create a PDF file. So, MS Outlook can take benefit of these free PDF printers to save mails in PDF file format. While most of them are available free of cost, some are available at a very small price. Some of the applications working as PDF printers include PDF Creator, Cute PDF Writer, PDF24 PDF Creator etc. Some of the reliable sources to download these PDF printers are:

Note: The drawback of using them is they do not maintain the hyperlinks.

Here the conversion is exemplified with the help of PDF Creator:

Download and install PDF Creator. While installation, make sure that you do not install unwanted add-ins. Once the installation is done, follow the steps mentioned below:

Select the PST email to be converted to PDF. Go to file menu>> Print

A "Print" dialog box will appear on screen (You can make required changes here).

The file will get opened in "PDF Architect" where required changes in the PDF can be done.

This application does not give provision to convert attachments. However, if you want to manually attach any file, then there is "Add" option in bottom. Select the file to be added as attachment.

In the file menu, click "Save". The Output will be:

For direct & easy conversion of Outlook email, download the below exe:

Download Now
Version: 2.0