Import Thunderbird Archive to Outlook – Convert Single Folder, Monthly, Yearly Archives Easily

Jaspreet Devgan ~ Modified: October 6th, 2022 ~ Thunderbird ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Whenever someone mentions email migration, two names always come to mind – Mozilla Thunderbird & Microsoft Outlook. That’s how common this conversion scenario has become. The versatility and security functionalities offered by MS Outlook far surpasses Mozilla Thunderbird. Thus, leading to an exponential increase in users shifting to Outlook. In this article, we will be addressing one important section of this migration i.e., How to Import Thunderbird Archive to Outlook? A look at the following query will make you understand the scenario in a better way:

“Hi, I have been a frequent user of Mozilla Thunderbird for the past 3 years, now trying to switch to Outlook. I used to store all my data in monthly archive folders which have resulted in quite a large database. So, can anyone here suggest me an easy way to convert Thunderbird monthly archives to Outlook in exactly the way it is stored?”

As you have noticed here, the user saved all the messages in monthly archive folders. Actually, there are three ways in which Thunderbird allows to create archives. Find the basic detail in the following section.

Thunderbird Archives Creation

Mozilla Thunderbird incorporates an archive option which lets a user move the emails from default folders to an archive folder. It is used as a way to keep a backup of Thunderbird Inbox on local storage. The main advantage associated with this process is that it helps to keep the Inbox clean as well as provides a way to organize mailbox items easily.

Mozilla Thunderbird has three options to archive emails:

  • Single Folder
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

archive options

Used as a means to keep a copy of old emails on some storage media, it is quite popular to archive emails as per preference.

Import Thunderbird Archive to Outlook platform

Although there are three different types of archive folders, the solution to convert each of them in Outlook readable format is the same. All you require is SysTools Thunderbird to Outlook Converter. It is a widely accepted software solution capable of directly fetching archive folders from Thunderbird and converting them to Outlook PST format. The best part is that there is absolutely no chance of tampering with the folder hierarchy of the fetched emails. It guarantees the original structure maintenance during the entire conversion process.

Steps to Convert Thunderbird Archives to Microsoft Outlook – Follow Them!

1. Download and Install the software solution on your system.

2. Click on the Add File button to open the email client selection window.

Step 2

3. Here, select Thunderbird from the list and any one of the following option:

  • Default Profile Configured: To directly fetch archive folders from Thunderbird
  • Select file/folder from file system: To add archive.sbd files from local system manually.

We will be going with the first option. Now, Click Next.

Step 3

4. Select your Thunderbird account and hit the Process button

Step 4

5. The software will scan all the archived folders along with the entire content of the chosen profile. Afterward, the preview section will display all the scanned data in multiple tabs for a thorough examination. Click the Export button.

Step 5

6. Now, select the archive folders from the left panel while choosing PST format on the right panel. You can specify where you want to save the converted archive folders with Change button. Afterward, click Export.

Step 6

7. This marks the end of importing Thunderbird Archive to Outlook PST process. Simply, navigate to the chosen destination folder to find the PST file.

8. Afterward, you can open the Outlook application and access the PST file in it. Not only the emails but the entire mailbox hierarchy will be maintained.

Step 8

Benefits of Using the Mentioned Software

Choosing a solution to export Thunderbird archive to Outlook can affect the entire process in a major way. Since the provided method is a globally trusted solution, it fits the choice perfectly. In fact, there are a number of benefits that a user can reap with this utility.

  • Direct fetching of Thunderbird archive folders automatically
  • Add and scan Archives.sbd content manually from the interface
  • Export all archive types: single, monthly and yearly archives easily.
  • Maintains HTML formatting and Folder hierarchy throughout the conversion
  • No broken Attachments, inline images or hyperlinks
  • Convert all mailbox folders along with archives
  • Multiple Export options: Selective/bulk conversion, and many more


Archiving is the process of saving and organizing emails without having to delete the mailbox contents. It enables users to keep their Inbox clean and have a centered archive folder to manage all their emails. With users consistently switching towards MS Outlook, the need to import Thunderbird archive to Outlook PST is growing as well. Thus we came up with the best possible solution that one can find to view the archive folders(single, yearly, monthly) in Microsoft Outlook platform.